Frank Sinatra – A Star With a Humble Beginning

Early Frank Sinatra

For so many artists the path to stardom is littered with disappointment, knock downs and sometimes downright humiliations. With this in mind we thought it would be a great idea to cover artists careers at an early stage who became huge to gain some inspiration.

Frank Sinatra came from very humble beginnings starting life in 1915 in Hoboken in New Jersey. Sinatra was born of Sicilian immigrants. He was an only child and was reportedly expelled from school for “rowdy conduct”. His love of music was often described as more important to the child than studying. No doubt this likely caused the young Sinatra to be disruptive at school. As is so often the case with children being forced to do something they are not engaged with creates bad behaviour.

Sinatra’s parents seem to have been split as to their encouragement of the star. Sinatra’s father reportedly was dead against his sons pursuit of singing, encouraging his son to take a number of jobs including working as a port worker. Sinatra’s mother however softened her view from one of objection to supporting and encouraging her son in his career.

As Sinatra began his singing career, he started by working for tips and indeed even singing for free.

Sinatra’s appearance is also worthy of note for aspiring artists. Principally Sinatra’s look was not necessarily one of a typical star, he was described as looking like a “wet rag” by early pundits. Hardly the words of success that are necessary to launch a career on. Interestingly not having a typical look did not affect Sinatra’s appeal with the public. Sinatra’s natural talent coupled with his style won the day catapulting the star to the stratosphere of success.

Sinatra’s enduring appeal is beyond doubt, his music remains highly sought after. A constant for demand, Frank Sinatras records in recent years have been pushed to new levels of value and collectibility.

There are a number of things to take from Sinatra’s background for anyone starting out a career as inspiration. His desire to pursue his dreams as a singer despite having little support from his family network must have been hard. This coupled with an initially cool response from the industry must have left the star with mixed feelings about moving forward. Despite this Sinatra went onto triumph.

To understand just how enduring Sinatra is as an artist just checkout his sale figures.


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